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Our Practice

Serving Clients Since 1992

The Genesis Center for Christian Counseling works with individuals, couples and families to help them gain new perspectives, transform their lives and improve their relationships. Our doors are open to clients from all religious, non-religious, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds.

Members of the counseling staff are all licensed by the State of Georgia in either professional counseling or marriage and family therapy. As a result, our clients receive the highest level of professional knowledge and insight from a Christian counselor who is committed to healing for the whole person.

Counseling can often lead to important and long-term change. We want to walk alongside people in order to hear and help in a way that brings about lasting change. We believe God created each person uniquely and we seek to first understand the specific experiences, beliefs, and situations of our clients. By focusing on finding the heart of the struggle, we are able to develop realistic and helpful solutions together. Rather than getting stuck in endless discussions about “the problem”, we help people set goals, make changes, and grow. Finally, we collaborate with our clients to develop goals and solutions that match their world view.

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